2014 06
THE ROAD is built + setting up the construction of THE HOUSE
VIDEO 2014 08 09 construction of THE ROAD [Rock and Roll] --->
VIDEO 2014 08 07 construction of THE ROAD [The new way has been traced] --->
[ALL] Tracing New Ways – Site _ constuction of THE ROAD to the TRACING NEW WATS SITE, the finished road and the big party at the end _ [BR] Tracing New Way members
Tracing New Ways – Site _ Infrastructure progress
2014 06
ANNUAL MEETING + planning THE ROAD to the site
[TT] Tracing New Ways – Site _ [TL] [TR] on the way to the site_ [ML] [MR] Annual Meeting _ [BL] [BR] Annual Meeting - dinner
April 19th, 2016