TNW_AIR 17 artist in residence program
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Enviromental Art Transmitting Station

Hosted by Laton Radio and Laton Record Label (Austria/Russia)

Our goal
is to establish a sponsored artist in residence program
facilitating firsthand cultural exchange and dialogue
between artists based in
Austria and in the Philippines.
Mission Statement

This corresponds with the objectives of the non-profit organization Siargao Tracing New Ways Association Inc.
with the purpose of
“building exchange between International Artists and Filipino Artists
and Provide free art education for out-of-school Filipino youth.”
In addition to providing the Siargao residencies,
it is our objective to encourage the flourishing of the art scene in the Philippines,
propelling it into a position of broader international exposure,
by organizing exhibitions or events by curators based both in
Europe and the Philippines.
tracing new ways
Likewise, we aim to serve as a platform providing opportunities for resident artists.
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June 11th, 2017